FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Are your products available in the Australian market?

Yes. We select products from those publicly sold in the Australian market. Most of our products have been widely recognised by the local consumers for many years, and all of them must conform to Australia’s Health and Safety standards.

Are your products customised for the Chinese market?

No. We sell the same products as what are sold in the Australian local market. We do not customise products for specific markets.

Do you import unpacked products to China and then pack locally?

No. Our products are already in retail packs when they leave the supplier’s warehouses in Australia. None of our products are packed after imported to China.

Do your products have Chinese labels?

Sorry, they do not have Chinese labels. This is because our products are not specifically designed, manufactured or packed for a specific country or area. They are mainly sold to the Australian market and therefore all labels are printed in English.

How do I read the expiry date?

In Australia, the most commonly used date formats are “Date/Month/Year” or “Month Date, Year”. For example, “02/10/15” or “October 02, 2015”.

What are the differences between the products sold by you and those by the local supermarkets, chemist stores, and shops?

They are exactly the same.

How long remaining shelf-life do your products have?

We will never sell products which are already close to their expiry dates. We will give you a full refund or replacement if the products you receive from us have less than one third of their shelf-life. Certainly, in the majority of cases, the remaining shelf-life is much longer than this minimum standard.

Can you find some Australian products I am after but you do not have at the moment?

We are happy to look for the products you are after. Please tell us in an email or using the Contact Us form. Certainly we are unable to go to a store to buy it for you. We need to find an authorised supplier to ensure the quality and authenticity of the products.



Is there a limit on how much I can order each time?

Our products are offered to retail customers only, unless otherwise agreed. We reserve the rights to limit the quantity of an order in a range of reasonable personal use.

What charges or fees do I need to pay?

We do not charge any extra amount on top of the order value and the shipping fee.

Do I need to pay the customs duty?

The purchase and fulfilment are completed in Australia, and the products will be shipped to the buyer using a personal parcel. Chinese customs may carry out random inspections. If you parcel is considered as taxable, you will be contacted by customs.

Can I resell the products I purchase from you?

Our products sold to our customers are for personal use only. If you wish to source Australian products from us for resale, please contact us.

Do you charge Australian Taxes (GST)

No. The products you purchase from us are free from Australian Goods and Service Tax because we are directly selling to overseas buyers.



Where is your warehouse?

Our warehouse is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Do you use a bonded warehouse in China?

No. At this moment we do not use any overseas warehouse. All our products are shipped directly from our Australian warehouse.

What shipping methods do you use?

You can choose the shipping method when placing the order.

Do your courier partners open, split and repack the parcel?

No. Your parcel, after sealed by us in our own warehouse, will not be opened by any third party except relevant government authorities, for example, customs. We do not allow anybody else touch your products, unless it is required by the law.

How soon can I receive the order?

The international shipping from Australia to China may take 3 - 5 business days. If your delivery address is in a remote area, or the parcel is held by customs for further inspection, it may take longer.

Can I track the shipment of my order?

Yes. You will be provided with a tracking number with which you can track your parcel online.

What if my parcel was lost or damaged in the shipping process?

If a part of all of your parcel was lost or damaged, we would resend a replacement to you.



Do I have to pay in Australian dollars?

No. We accept payments in Chinese currency RMB.

What payment methods can I use?

Currently we accept payments through Alipay, PayPal and credit cards (Master / Visa / Amax). We will introduce more Chinese and international payment methods in the future.

I see prices in RMB and AUD on your website. Which is the actual amount I am going to pay?

Our products are priced in Australian dollar. However, RMB prices calculated with the currency currency rate are provided for your convenience. If you make the payment through Alipay, you will pay in RMB. If you pay through PayPal, you will pay in AUD.

Do you charge currency conversion fee?

No. The price in RMB is simply calculated from the AUD price based on the published currency rate. We do not charge any extra fee.

How do I received a refund?

The refund will be paid to the same account that you use to pay for the order. For example, if you make the payment with the balance in your Alipay account, the refund will be returned to the same Alipay account. If you make the payment with a credit card, the refund will go to the same account of the card.